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  • Takeaway Menu


    Available Wednesday - Sunday 5-9pm

    Scoop of Fries $5
    with tomato sauce

    Scoop of Wedges $7.5
    with tomato sauce

    Scoop of Curly Fries $8
    with tomato sauce

    Garlic Bread $8

    Kids Hawaiian Pizza $10
    with a drink

    Chicken Tenderloins x2 $8
    with tomato sauce

    Chicken Wings x6 $15
    Chicken wings tossed in mild buffalo sauce

    Cork Ribs $20
    Baby pork ribs seasoned with homemade basting sauce served on a bed of fries with aioli

    Fish & Chips $10/$15
    with fries & tartare sauce

    Steak Sandwich $20
    New Zealand Porterhouse steak cooked to your liking, sliced in a sourdough sandwich with coleslaw, smoked cheese, rocket, & horseradish sauce - served with curly fries

    Shepherds Pie $22
    Roast lamb ground with onions, herbs & spices – topped with potato mash & melted cheese, served with veges

    Roast Pork Belly $24
    Twice roasted pork belly served with mash, apple sauce, gravy & peas

    Lamb Burger $15
    Gourmet lamb pattie, served in a soft bun with cos lettuce, sliced tomato & mint aioli

    Angus Beef Burger $15
    Gourmet beef pattie, served in a soft bun with cos lettuce, sliced tomato, aioli & tomato relish

    Margherita $20
    Sliced tomato, cherry tomato, basil pesto & cheese topped with balsamic glaze

    Hawaiian $20
    Ham, pineapple, cheese & our pasta sauce

    Vegetarino $23
    Spinach, capsicum, mushroom, red onion, topped with feta cheese & sweet chilli swirl

    Fat Tony $24
    Pepperoni, chorizo, olives, mushroom & cherry tomato – topped with cheese

    Little Red Hen $24
    Chicken, bacon, red onion & brie, with our pasta sauce - topped with cheese & plum sauce

    Cork Buster $26
    Pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken, mushroom & red onion with our pasta sauce - topped with cheese and BBQ sauce

    Extra Fillings - $4 each (bacon, chicken, brie, chorizo, ham, mushroom, olives, pepperoni, pineapple)
    Gluten Free - add $7

    Mild, medium or hot. Served with rice.

    Butter Chicken $22
    Chicken pieces braised in a creamy, buttery, mildly-spiced tomato sauce

    Chicken Korma $22
    Succulent chicken slowly cooked in a dreamy mild curry sauce

    Lamb Saagwala $24
    Tender lamb gently simmered in a rich green spinach sauce

    Lamb Korma $24
    Flavourful lamb pieces braised in a rich and creamy mild curry sauce

    Paratha Bread $3 each

    Coke, L&P, Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters (330ml) $3